Godzilla x Kong: The Perfect Kick-off for Summertime Movie Fun

Godzilla x Kong: The Perfect Kick-off for Summertime Movie Fun

Alright, so I’m automatically coming out the gate with this: if you don’t like this movie, someone needs to give you a hug and then a swift slap in the face because why don’t you love this movie!

We already know the critics are going to tear it limb from limb, but I’m going to tell you exactly why you should love and go see this movie as of immediately. Mild spoilers are headed your way so if you don’t want spoilers, trust what you’ve read so far, go watch the film, and finish my review later. If you’re a daring Voyager who cares not about the influence of reviews or has already seen the film I encourage you to read on!


This film picks up where the other film left off where Kong is still getting adjusted to Hollow Earth (not to be confused with Super Earth you Helldiver enthusiasts). Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too good for our large furry friend because he is not used to being alone. The wildlife is aggressive and while his hunting methods are convenient it’s only a matter of time before a tooth infection springs him back up to the surface. 

While Kong has been on the struggle bus inside the Earth, Godzilla has literally been fighting tooth and nail to keep other monsters off our back. However, Godzilla is moving towards something more every time he goes in for a fight which is keeping the scientists at Monarch constantly on their toes. 

Meanwhile, our happy family with Dr. Andrews and Jia are not that happy. Similarly to Kong, Jia is having issues adjusting to her new life too because, well, she’s having visions that our boy Kong isn’t okay. With some help from our favorite anti-fluoride drinking hero from the last film, Bernie, Dr. Andrews recruits him to figure out what’s going on with the drawings and visions Jia is having - and this is where things start to get good. 

We discover that the visions Jia is having align with the frequency data coming in from a now destroyed outpost, somewhat resembling three mountain peaks. Bernie’s brilliance (and amazing resources) are able to realize that it’s a distress signal coming from Hollow Earth and should be investigated asap. Oh, and before I forget, we’re introduced to a new character named Trapper who is fulfilling our “Animal-loving wild adventurous monster vet” role who successfully got rid of Kong’s infected tooth. So, Dr. Andrews, Bernie, Trapper, Jia and an extremely rude soldier gear up to figure out what’s going on in Kong’s home along with the origin of this distress signal. With more discoveries along the way, new characters introduced, and epic fight scenes, you have to see where our crew ends up in the film. 

What Works

The creators and producers of this film clearly listened to the fans. We jump right into the fight scenes in this film and they really don’t slow down except for a brief moment to finish setting up the story and the lore. I absolutely loved this. While the “human element” is a great device to explain what is happening between the characters and give us necessary exposition to keep moving the plot along, we came here to watch giant titans fight. There’s a touch of humor, a great redemption arc for our new “mini-Kong” figure named Suko, and fight scenes that happen in the light! Speaking of the human element, there is a specific moment between Trapper and Bernie that I think was subtle enough for the people watching the film to notice and appreciate. It’s a bit of a spoiler if I go into major detail, but I will say it's nice to see certain stereotypes being subverted.

What Doesn’t Work

This section is hard to include because I don’t usually judge monster movies too harshly. As long as you give us a solid plot with characters we can care about (plus some amazing action scenes that have the crowd yelling “Suplex ’em off the pyramids!”) I think you’ve done a great job with your movie. 

I will say I’m looking forward to seeing the continuation of this series. I’m sure we’re guaranteed another monster movie every 1-2 years at this point since the fan scores have consistently increased over the years. Plus, Mr. Voyager has made it clear other titans will definitely be entering the arena. The powers, abilities, and reasons for attacking are more than enough to keep our favorites ready for whatever comes next!

Verdict: I Watched this movie and you should too!

There’s no denying that the upcoming summer blockbusters will be fun to watch and review. However, I’d encourage every Voyager to take your friends and family to see Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire before you wait for May or June to roll in. If you’re looking for a satisfying movie that, in the end, will leave you feeling like you watched a solid 3 act structure with a few laughs, a couple “aww’s” and “Lemme get a hell yeah” then this is the movie for you!

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