Meet the Creative | The Abstract Voyager

Hi Voyager! My name is Kaelin and I'm thrilled to see you've stepped into my orbit - it's a vibe out here in this universe of the Internet!😎 The short of it: I'm a Blerd who loves books, games, movies/TV shows, and art! I offer paid Sensitivity Reading and Author Merchandising Services for authors who and I do commissions for abstract Quills.

Outside of the services I provide, I'm a lover of all things nerdy and family. A typical weekend for me is going to include (but is no way limited to) off-roading in my Jeep, playing video games on my PS5, reading a series that's been on my shelf for a few months, cooking some home-cooked meals (or ordering takeout), staying up all night to watch movies, and the list could go on and on. I'm truly a lover of great stories. The desire to share a great story knows no cultural bounds and should be celebrated through all artistic mediums. 

You'll love it here if you like *honest* reviews, recaps, and art that will make you proud to say, "I'm heading to a Comic Con next month!"

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