Sensitivity Reading Services

As of March 2024, I will officially be offering sensitivity reading as a part of my Author Services! This has been in the works for several months and there’s no better time to start offering this service than right now. Your story deserves the best, and I’m willing to step up to the table to assist in making it so.

Here are the topics I am confident/experienced in critiquing for your manuscript:

  1. Black women, Black love/relationships, and Black culture
  2. Mental health - anxiety, depression, bipolar
  3. Sexual assault
  4. Domestic violence

Want feedback on a specific area that’s not listed? Send me an email and we can discuss if your story’s components are within my scope of knowledge.

There are a few key items to keep in mind if you’d like to have your manuscript selected.

  1. Please give me at least 4-6 weeks to read your manuscript.
  2. My favorite genres are Fantasy/ Romantasy, Sci-fi, YA, and Historical Fiction. I am open to reading other genres but have had the most experience with stories that fit in these categories.
  3. This is not a Beta reading service, so my comments will be mostly directed to representation and pointing out biases of your characters/world.



$350 for manuscripts under 80k words

$0.005 for manuscripts 81k words and over

Steps and Payment

  • Send me the following:
    • Email: with a Subject Line - Sensitivity Reading Interest
    • synopsis of your story and the number of words in your manuscript
    • Potential Start Date and Deadline for feedback
    • Your preferred method of sending the manuscript and payment method
    • Any other details you think I should know before getting started
  • I will respond in 48 hours or less with the following
    • acceptance or referral to another sensitivity reader
    • send over pricing (payment plans are available)
    • Terms and Conditions document

Make sure to include all of the requested information above to move the process along smoothly. If you have questions, you can send them to the same email!

I look forward to hearing from you and working together to improve your already incredible story!


*Please note: Sensitivity Reading does not check for developmental, copy, line editing, or proofreading, etc. so please be sure to seek out other professional editing services to check those particular items. I would also request that your story be as polished as possible before your professional edits. For example, you have completed your self-edits but have not sent it to beta readers yet.*

Ready for your piece of the stars? Fill out the contact form below and let's get started!